Diet-beauty 5.11 Tactical RUSH 72 Backpack:Diet-beauty
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5.11 Tactical RUSH 72 Backpack:Diet-beauty

5.11 Outdoor
5.11 Outdoor Published in October 19, 2018, 4:51 am
 5.11 Tactical RUSH 72 Backpack:Diet-beauty

5.11 Tactical RUSH 72 Backpack:Diet-beauty

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Anionted 2 Win
Anionted 2 Win Reply to on 29 April 2018
Review of 5.11 Rush 72.
I needed a bigger ruck sack as my 35/40 Lt Kombat pack was getting crowded when I needed the space most. So, I began my trawl on Amazon; looking for another black ruck; spotted the Rush 72 and loved the tactical and complex look of it but was put off by hefty price tag.
Did more research on Amazon and You Tube and after all my computations came right back to the Rush-72. Bit said bullet and purchased one. It arrived in a plastic bag and even in that the 72 looked ‘The bomb’ (I’ve never seen so much 1000D Nylon in one place) the R72 is a quality ruck, that shouts strength – especially in the Neutron Star Black (my name for it) I’d prefer the 1050D as I found pack not as heavy as some reviewers have stated.
The specs: five external pockets, and about ten internal pockets and pouches; plenty of room for inventive organizing. I would have preferred some internal crush straps to stop contents from moving around when pack is only half filled. The front flap has well-arranged organizer in it for loads of bits and bobs – very easy to see where you’ve put stuff; actually, all of the external pockets have pockets within them – cool.
The rep: Comfort-wise the main straps are wonderful, really very comfortable even with heavy loads, in fact this is not only the most comfortable rucksack I have (also have high-end Oakleys) but it just feels so good on the back; and looks good too; nice smooth profile and does not look liked cardboard box while you’re wearing it. Lots of admiring to envious glances (you can tell by the silences from people standing behind you). I never thought I’d needed a 55Ltr pack; but now I have one; it easily houses my folder, books, lunch boxes, coat with enough room for laptop and extra pair of shoes. So, despite the slight sting in the price; if you need to carry all this 21st century crud we all seem to need this is a bloody good way to do it; if you can’t afford it don’t stretch, if you can get it you won’t regret. Highly recommended.

Really a big but beautiful bag (a con?)
No internal crush straps
Should have a tougher base material for resting on ground.
Big price – seek cheaper alternative if you can, but still well worth it if you get it.
Too many features to comment on without boring the reader!
Conflicting info on 5.11 website as compared to other sites regarding the overall carrying capacity; some say 43.5 Ltr main compartment capacity and others 55 Ltr over all carrying capacity.
Strong military look – might attract unwanted attention.

Very good looking tactical sack; good profile, giving wearer strong military look.
Other packs from 5.11 company can be attached to it.
Tough material, hardwearing and long lasting.
Light for its size.
Good organization possibilities with plenty of external and internal pockets.
External crush strapping to shape load.
If shoulder straps are fully extended, the waist strap WILL SIT ON YOUR HIPS so load rests on your hips making heavy loads even more comfortable to carry.
Molle strap system on most surfaces of pack to attach additional pouches and pockets to increase above 55 Ltr carrying capacity.
Long side pockets will hold 2 Ltr bottles.
All black is awesome
That’s enough go buy one!
Jinx Reply to on 17 May 2015
This is a very large rucksack that holds up to 55 litre capacity.

The main compartment is very large and can open up fully, like a suitcase, so you can easily pack and unpack your gear. There are several inner pockets as well to make it easier to store smaller items and 4x compression straps to take the strain off of the zipper.

The front pouch is also quite large and has a lot of pockets, some large enough to hold maps or a tablet, and smaller ones designed to hold batteries, pens, LED lights, flash drives, etc.

The area between the main compartment and the front pouch has a webbed "bucket" inbetween them and you can store items here as well, such as a jacket and gloves for example. Above the front pouch is a smaller pouch with a storage area and 2x mesh pockets.

The side pockets are able to hold a 1 litre water bottle and they have 2x inner pockets - the inner pockets are quite tight though. The top of the bag has a felt-lined pocket for sunglasses and finally there is a hydration pocket near the straps. I found that the hydration pocket is actually very secure and it's perfect for keeping travel documents safe.

The front and sides of the bag are covered with MOLLE / PALS systems and there are 2x velcro areas for attaching patches to. The bag can be held by the top handle or the two shoulder straps and it has a belt for your waist too.

It's not waterproof, but it is water resistant if you are out in the rain for a few minutes - anything over 30 minutes and the water will get in.

It's necessary to purchase seperate items with this bag to cope with wet conditions, such as drybags and a decent rain cover.
Paul Houston
Paul Houston Reply to on 28 January 2017
I was previously using a 40L back pack but it wasn't up to the job. After doing a lot of research I decided upon the 5.11 3 Day rush pack. The pack is very well designed with lots of separate storage compartments. The back is reinforced and also has room for a water bladder. The MOLLE system also gives you multiple options to expand the pack as desired. Personally, I have attached an extra first aid pouch to the backpack. This is the best buy I have made in a long time and can recommend this to anyone who has to either carry equipment to work or is a regular camper / trekker. You will not be making a mistake if you buy the 5.11 3 Day Rush Backpack.
Didi Reply to on 26 February 2018
For years I have always used "civilian" hiking backpacks from various manufacturers and came across the model 5.11 Tactical Rush 12 half a year ago, which I really love for my daytrip tours and can recommend. Due to the upcoming hiking season I have now bought another model of 5.11 for multi-day tours - the Tactical Rush 72.

What impresses me most about this model line is the robustness and the many compartments and pockets, which allows me to keep track of all my equipment. Although the weight of this range is significantly higher than normal backpacks and the carrying system is a little limited by the padding and air supply options, but overall I am absolutely convinced of both backpacks - the Tactical Rush 12 and the Tactical Rush 72.
Nigel Hickey
Nigel Hickey Reply to on 20 May 2012
I spent quite some time researching various 72-hour bags before finally deciding to purchase this one and am delighted with my purchase. The bag quality is excellent and the design and layout of the various pouches and pockets is superb.

It features a large internal compartment with several pockets and compartments of various types allowing for neat and efficient organisation of your equipment. A medium sized compartment at the front contains even more pouches and pockets and is easier to access as you do not have to undo the compression straps before opening. A small compartment above this is ideal for items you want quick access to - I keep my first aid supplies in this and is perfectly sized.

A sturdy grab-handle on top with a small compartment near it for sunglasses etc. There is a compartment for a water bladder at the back, which I've also occasionally used to store my 17-inch laptop which fits it neatly.

Two large side pouches are great for water bottles/large knife/folding saw etc. and I've found these to be one of the more useful features of this bag.

Shoulder straps are very, very comfortable even when bag is fully loaded. Sternum strap and waist straps are also very comfortable. All straps are fully adjustable, and the waist straps can be folded away into side pockets when not in use. The padding at your back is also very comfortable, and there are 2 small patches of rubber(?) at the base which grips your lower back and stops it sliding from side to side while walking.

Molle webbing throughout, including on side side pouches and shoulder straps. The compression straps are also extremely useful for balancing the load and keeping everything secure. When the compression straps are unbuckled, the front segment of the bag falls forward. This allows you to store unusually shaped or large items between the front and back sections, which can be held in place using the compression straps (for example a helmet)or as a stuff-it compartment. This could be useful to many people, but does have a disadvantage in that in order to access the main compartment of the pack you must first undo the compression straps. In so doing, the front part will fall forward, which in turn topples the entire bag forward. This means that you cannot access most items in the main compartment while the bag is in an upright position and therefore must be laid flat first. Not a big problem but can become quite irritating. I'm considering tying the front and back segments together (probably using the molle webbing though not sure if this will help matters).

Some other info and technical specs for those interested:
- Rain-fly over the zippers to help keep the rain out
- Compatible with the MOAB tier-system
- knotted pull cords on zips
- attachment/lashing points on the bootom of bag
- Top quality 1050D nylon with water-repellent PUx2 coating on main body
- YKK self-repairing zippers
Bigfoot Reply to on 26 March 2018
Absolutely all the things we expect from 5.11 - In short, tremendous.
Access to contents is simple yet robust, more than enough MOLLE to add extras on as needed, including to the waist belt.
This is constantly loaded as my Go Bag & is the perfect size for 3-5 days away.
Wish we had these then I was in the Army as I'd have leapt on it in a heartbeat, even if it had to come out of my own pocket.
Summary: You'll not be sorry you chose this one.
Tom Sweetnam
Tom Sweetnam Reply to on 6 January 2018
Although bought as a present its a very sturdy and highly practical all round bad with plenty of space and capable of hard wear. The Molle gives it the expandability for external carry of those important must get at items and the drop flap make quick storage of outer wear simple and accessible
ProductsYouLove Reply to on 15 April 2017
I purchased this backpack 2 years ago and still using it since. Going to tell you now - The best backpack I've ever owned! It's worth every penny. You will not regret buying it.
Very sturdy; all compartments are well thought through; high quality material.
This backpack was with me in all situations of my life - from usual commuting to work to climbing the mountains in Slovenia. It hasn't let me down. Of course I had to purchase extra straps for the mountain climbing but it is the usual.
Bottom line : go for it! ;)
Dom Reply to on 13 March 2015
Awesome bag. I have the rush 24 which is a little smaller. This one I use for long weekends away and they are both strong and have many compartments. This particular bag, the rush 72, has a very unique design. It has a space in the back that can open up to accommodate a helmet or large jacket etc. At first I didn't really like or understand this part, although I could see the usefulness of it to store a helmet but for an everyday person? However, after a little use I soon liked it and use it to put large items like jackets in and will put my tent in there when I go camping in a couple of weeks.
Christoffer Sävenskog
Christoffer Sävenskog Reply to on 1 March 2017
Big and sturdy 55 liter backpack great for outdoor activities such as hiking or camping over a weekend.

+ MOLLE system to attach more or less anything and it feels like it could take 2-3 kg of weight.
+ A lot of departments allowing you to fit everything you'd need for a weekend out, every item has a place.
+ Great looking backpack (I got mine in black)
+ Padded shoulder back, shoulder pads and waist straps
+ Sits well on me, I am 6.10" or 186 cm and weigh 110 kg and this bag still has more to give in terms of waist and shoulder straps.
+ Sturdy backpack that feels like it will last you a couple of years if not a lifetime if you take care of it.

*Will update with more as time passes*
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