Diet-beauty [10 Pack] Meal Prep Food Containers Store Plastic Bento Lunch Box with Lids Stackable Reusable:Diet-beauty
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[10 Pack] Meal Prep Food Containers Store Plastic Bento Lunch Box with Lids Stackable Reusable:Diet-beauty

NimNik Published in October 19, 2018, 5:00 am
 [10 Pack] Meal Prep Food Containers Store Plastic Bento Lunch Box with Lids Stackable Reusable:Diet-beauty

[10 Pack] Meal Prep Food Containers Store Plastic Bento Lunch Box with Lids Stackable Reusable:Diet-beauty

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Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 6 May 2016
Well I purchased these as I'm an currently following the Slimming World plan and thought would be ideal for meal prep. They are fab so I posted a picture on the site today to share this and it's only been 2 hours and I have had hundreds of people asking for the link and well over 500 like so far! I hope this has given you more business!
Kindle Customer
Kindle Customer Reply to on 18 May 2016
Absolutely one of the best purchases I have made in 2016!!! I have started to try and lose weight and these fab boxes mean I can batch cook, freeze (with side dishes!!!!) microwave and then re use!!! All my other millions of boxes have now gone in the bin as I no longer need them now I have these! My daughter uses one for her packed lunch and hubby takes breakfast to work in them! Only wish I had known about them sooner!
C Reply to on 21 August 2016
I'm not sure how these ended up on my 'recommended for you' page but I'm glad they did. The size is perfect for portion control and the different compartments means I can keep some food separate so it doesn't look like a kids dinner. Used one in microwave for 8 minutes tonight and it kept it's rigidity no problem. The lids are a bit harder to get on than I expected but I suspect that was done on purpose, once on it feels really secure and if I was brave enough to hold one upside down I doubt any sauces/gravy would escape
Catman Reply to on 21 August 2017
"I know feedback was important to this seller & I apologies for not doing it sooner. These lunch boxes are great, easy to clean, very robust (Yet to crack/break one), easily stacked within one another - limiting space requirements. We took these all the way to Mexico. Used them on a daily basis (16 days), brought them back home with us afterwards, still like new. Great product."
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 13 September 2016
Perfect item, really quick delivery exactly as described by seller will buy again from this seller many thanks
These trays are excellent tight fitting lids and are sturdy enough for freezing, microwaving and dishwashers they hold plenty of food etc for a meal I will be buying more of these so I can make up my meals and freeze them and use them as required, I recommended them to a friend and she bought some as well and loves them for her kids lunches etc well worth buying many thanks seller.
Christo Reply to on 5 July 2016
Really good containers. Good size, lids fit on securely and the compartments have kept themselves self contained even amongst some pretty rough handling. These have entered into more common rotation than my much more expensive options.

Only downside is they look a bit like takeout containers, so I've lost a few to over zealous office cleaners getting rid of them.

Very happy with my purchase, would recommend.
Jas J.
Jas J. Reply to on 13 September 2016
Rubbish product, worse than a free takeaway box, first day first box broke in by backpack at work and caused massive spillage everywhere. Splintered which is quite dangerous too. Zero markka. Cheapy shoddy merchandise
Frank A. Goodwill
Frank A. Goodwill Reply to on 2 August 2016
Nice containers. I use them for cooked from fresh ingredients frozen meals and put a portion meat, potato, veg in each compartment for a small lunchtime snack. I also have used some of them for storing screws and washers for DIY purposes.The clear plastic lid stops me from getting the two mixed up!
Binion Reply to on 9 July 2017
These are good for food storage and prepping meals. Only used them a few times but seem OK. No breaks/cracks because of heat/cold which is a bonus. Sometimes these tubs break quite easily.
david smithi
david smithi Reply to on 31 October 2017
"very nice even got plastic knife forks and spoons. just what I needed to freeze some meals down."

UPDATE been using these for a few weeks now ,daughter has pinched two for herself as my eldest grand daughter they are very happy with them.
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