Diet-beauty Zelite Infinity Utility Knife - Comfort-Pro Series - High Carbon Stainless Steel Chef Knives X50 Cr MoV 15 >> 5" (127mm):Diet-beauty
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Zelite Infinity Utility Knife - Comfort-Pro Series - High Carbon Stainless Steel Chef Knives X50 Cr MoV 15 >> 5" (127mm):Diet-beauty

Zelite Infinity
Zelite Infinity Published in October 19, 2018, 4:49 am
 Zelite Infinity Utility Knife - Comfort-Pro Series - High Carbon Stainless Steel Chef Knives X50 Cr MoV 15 >> 5" (127mm):Diet-beauty

Zelite Infinity Utility Knife - Comfort-Pro Series - High Carbon Stainless Steel Chef Knives X50 Cr MoV 15 >> 5" (127mm):Diet-beauty

Price:£29.97+ Free shipping with Amedama Prime

Bogbear Reply to on 8 July 2017
An incredibly sharp and strong knife. Cuts through anything with ease.
At first glance it appears plain, no studs, rivets or hard edges.
However this is it's strength, nothing to wear out or break or catch or loosen with use.
A comfortable, firm grip that allows you to position fingers / thumb wherever needed for precise cutting.
This thing is tough and will last a lifetime.
If you need precision or tough cutting I highly recommend this knife.
Mr. W. Roberts
Mr. W. Roberts Reply to on 13 May 2017
Bought this knife to try the Zelite brand. If the other knifes are half as good as this one I would be very happy. The knife is well designed, beautiful to look at and so sharp that you can cut thinly with little pressure. Let the knife do the work. I have already added two others in the brand to my wishlist. I was not disappointed and nor will you.
Matthew Reply to on 17 June 2017
Packaging excellent customer care excellent, knife super sharp, sharper than any others we have had. Top tip tear out the red foam knife holder from the cardboard box and put that in you knife drawer for it to sit in. You won't be able to put your hand in the drawer and nick yourself and you will protect your investment.
Mr. B. Trotter
Mr. B. Trotter Reply to on 14 February 2017
After retiring many years ago I decided to give cooking a go. Always enjoyed the preparation, and knives are an essential part of that.
I'm a decent cook now, but the thing I have always loved about home cooking is the preparation, so I knew I needed exceptional knives.
Bought my first knives direct from J.K.D in Seki City, all beautiful knives.
Then I spotted the Selite knives The Zelite knives are wonderful
This is my fifth Zelite knife, I bought this one myself, its German made, superb quality,and it was on offer at a price as a pensioner I could afford, the other four are all presents from my family Xmas, birthdays etc. They are all Japanese.
It'll be my 71'st birthday on June 19, I will be putting the Zelite bread knife on my birthday wish list and that will do for me.
If any buys these, treat yourself to this
Best sharpener I have ever owned
James Reply to on 6 August 2017
Excellent utility knife. Beautifully crafted. Comfortable grip. Nicely balanced. A professional knife that I feel will last forever! Purchased to replace my worn out Sabatier knives. They lasted well but these look and feel a lot better. Expensive but cheaper than wasting money on poor quality knives.
This knife, like other Zelite knives, are very carefully packaged in a strong quality presentation box. Ideal for a present to someone. Knives have a safety cap at the tip, which is a good idea to keep on when not in use. These are sharp knives, so I'd advise investing in a magnetic knife holder rather than placing in a drawer.
Prompt delivery. Excellent sellers. Highly recommended.
Sue Reviewer
Sue Reviewer Reply to on 18 December 2017
I purchased this knife a few weeks ago. It came quickly and was packaged very well - making the overall experience very good from the outset and the product seem special. The bespoke box had shaped foam holding the knife in place and had a separate sleeve so the box would remain in mint condition, if for some reason you chose to store the knife inside the box. The knife is surprisingly heavy - not a problem, but did surprise me. The blade runs through the handle and the whole appears to be made to a high standard and to be designed to last. The cutting edge is very sharp and remaining very sharp, it is also a good edge, so the knife cuts as you would want, no unwanted sideways veering. The knife looks expensive and I have no reason to believe it will not last well for ages. So why am I not giving it 5 starts - quite simply I am a real foodie and cook from raw ingredients and sharpen my own knives with a steel or stone. So far this knife has not blunted enough to need a sharpen, so I can't tell you how well it takes an edge. I would be very pleased to receive a knife of this standard as a gift - I am sure many foodies would be - not a folded steel knife, but a step above the normal.
Lee Webber
Lee Webber Reply to on 18 December 2017
So impressed with this I've came straight here to leave a review.

Wasn't sure if a single knife was going to make a nice gift. I wanted a set but for my budget I didn't feel the knives would be a good quality so instead put my money into one knife. And what a knife.

Haven't fully used it yet as it was a gift for my partner but she's tested it a little and is amazed. It's as sharp as you'd expect and feels very good in the hand. It's quite lightweight but importantly it feels very balanced.

What makes this however is the packaging and presentation. A load of effort has gone into making this knife look beautiful. It really is a thug beauty. Coming from somebody who knows very little about cooking I want to use this myself which was the entire reasoning for buying this gift; to keep my chef partner inspired.

I've had very expensive watches and jewelry that feel nothing like unboxing this knife did. It comes in a beautiful box with red foam and really does feel special and expensive. I'm a bit of a loser and as a graphic designer I probably read too much into this but the packaging makes this item a wonderful gift. My partner guessed this knife was about £70 and she knows what she's looking for.

If you are thinking about buying a gift don't buy a block of cheap knives, buy this one it is a beautiful product and is packaged in a way that makes this feel even more special.

Also zelite, please don't put the price up. It was unlitimately the price tag that made me go for this and now I have I will definitely buy her a whole set, providing the price stays this fair. Sometimes lower prices will gain you customers for life, it certainly has with me. Thank you.
Rimantas Reply to on 23 December 2017
Bought this on black friday on the cheap. I always wanted to try a Zelite knife, so why not - the price was right.
If I were to use one word to describe the package received it would be AMAZING! The knife is packaged in a very fancy box with soft burgundy foam padding inside - this alone is a great gifting package + it's packed like a 100x nicer than my 5x more expensive Wüsthof Classic Ikon knife was.
Out of the box the blade was razor-sharp - shaved hair off my arm effortlessly - always a bonus! The knife itself feels premium, the handle is comfortable and the weight is right for me. Keeps a sharp edge for a long while, really happy with the steel so far.
Overall I really recommend this paring knife as I certainly was impressed with what I got for the price!
Kevin Reply to on 22 December 2017
I have bought a number of different styles [Executive Plus, Alfa Royal, Razor Edge, Comfort Pro, series], types and sizes of 'Zelite Infinity'knives. They have all been as sharp as razors and cut, chopped, sliced,etc. straight out of the box and performed any task required of them really well.
I am not a chef and therefore not as qualified as a professional to assess them but I do like a sharp knife that will aid me when preparing food and such, rather than struggling with a blunt knife and these Zelite ranges execute all the tasks efficiently.
I have not used any of the knives long enough to make a realistic comment about their longevity but they appear to be holding their sharp edges well.
The layered steel models look impressive but the cheaper ranges still look like quality knives.
I like the feel and fit of the Executive Plus series which are the chunkier handles and may not feel as comfortable for someone with smaller hands. They are also the dearest range of knives and the cheaper ranges seem to be just as sharp and so the handle should be your choice.

All the knives are supplied and beautifully presented in a quality box.
The Zelite knives always appear to be less expensive than similar quality ones from other manufacturers.
I haven't been disappointed with any of Zelite ranges of knives which I've bought and, if you buy one, I don't think that you will be either.
**I know that I shouldn't do it but I have put all my knives for cleaning in the dishwasher without any apparent deterioration. The dishwasher is a Miele model which has a cutlery tray at the top and holds all the items separate from each other. I don't use dish washing powder only the liquid dishwasher sachets. Over the years it's been gentle on my glass products and not shown signs of scouring and I'm hoping it will be the same for my knives.**
Popeye Reply to on 28 October 2017
As always this item arrived very quickly and was superbly wrapped and presented.
I am very pleased with this product, but this comes as no surprise as this seller obviously believes in the old values of a superb product; sold at an extremely keen price.
I have a number of their knives in my kitchen and each one is a superb example of the knife makers art.
They are without exception comfortable to handle, perfectly balanced, razor sharp and built to give a lifetime of service.
Highly recommended.
Thank you.
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